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Sale conditions

Pursuant to Law No. 37/2007 of August 14, amended by Law No. 63/2017 of August 3, we inform you that none of the products presented on this website contain tobacco or nicotine. The sale of any of the products on this website to persons under 18 is prohibited. When placing the order, the buyer declares to be over 18 years old.

Promotions and Stock Off

Items marked as Stock Off, or presenting a discount price may belong to a demonstration or exhibition set, with their perfect working conditions being safeguarded and covered by the same warranty terms, and their respective boxes or manuals may show small signs of use without affecting the entire condition of the equipment.


The warranty of ELECTRONIC equipment is determined by the manufacturer, for the period specified in the respective manuals for each equipment under the following terms and conditions:

The warranty is valid for hardware problems and manufacturing defects, not valid for software problems, configuration incompatibility. The warranty is also not valid for negligence in the use of equipment where marks of improper or careless use are visible, or for the intervention of unauthorized persons. Any visible detail may be solely due to the natural wear and tear of use, namely in the color or painting of the equipment.

Product repairs within the warranty period will be handled with the Technical Assistance Centers of the brands, Suppliers or others designated by us, however, it is not invalid that we may be contacted for assistance or technical support or as intermediaries in the process.

We provide, free of charge, the mediation services that are necessary for contacting the manufacturers or distributors of the products, thus actively carrying out the guarantee to the customer under its terms.

To benefit from this guarantee, the Customer must keep the invoice as proof of purchase.

For sanitary reasons and the general safety of our customers, we DO NOT accept returns of: atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, liquids, droppers, batteries, wicks and wires.

Atomizers, Clearomizers & Cartomizers are covered by a "dead" upon arrival (DOA) guarantee. The customer must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the item for the warranty to apply. If you contact us after the 24 hour period, it means that we cannot offer a refund or refund. Also applies to kits.

The lithium ion batteries in electronic cigarettes are similar to the batteries used around the world in everyday devices such as cell phones or flashlights and are considered safe and there may be a risk if misused.

E-Liquids & DripTips are not covered under warranty due to the nature of the products. For health, safety and hygiene reasons, we cannot guarantee them.

For Mechanical Mods, the manufacturer's warranty is 30 days. Mechanical Mods are for experienced / advanced users only. We are not responsible for potential damage caused by incorrect use of any mechanical mod. If your mechanical mod is used incorrectly, these damages may affect the equipment and is not responsible for them, as a result of improper use.

Returns must be accompanied by the purchase receipt, box and accessories (except containers for liquid, resistors or resistive wires) and sent to:

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Rua D. António Valente da Fonseca loja 58
5000-539 Vila Real